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Conferencing and events organization.

Conferencing and events organization. There is safety in numbers.

Conferencing and events organization.

Anyone who has at least once dealt with organization of events knows that this is not a simple task requiring experience, punctuality and understanding of the peculiarities of this activity. In addition, conducting conferences, forums, seminars and other business events requires responsibility, the ability to navigate in an ever-changing situation and to make decisions quickly.

However, quite often when a company faces a task of organizing a conference, the management entrusts this to one of its employees, focusing solely on the number of man-hours that he/she is supposed to work on it.

In this regard, the question is: if one person in principle can perform such a task? Indeed, within the framework of this task a whole series of subtasks arises, and each of those requires certain knowledge and skills, which are highly specialized.

Events organization - is a team work.

As a rule, the following specialists should participate in the organization of events:

- the planner - the one who will draw up the program of the event, determine the timing and take into account other organizational issues., i.e. essentially creates Terms of Reference for all other participants in the process;

- logistics specialist - i.e. a person who owns a database of all suppliers available on the market and, based on such Terms of Reference, selects a venue appropriate for the purpose of the event, transfers, airline tickets, catering;

- economist - one who calculates the costs of organizing events and adjusts them to the budget.

- technical specialist - one who determines the technical specifications of the equipment necessary for the event and who will participate in the site inspection before the event;

- coordinator - a person who exercises general control over the organization of events, coordinating the activities of others.

If you have to organize conferences, seminars and meetings, then when selecting a team, you need to make sure that the experts involved have at least minimal experience in such activities, as purely theoretical knowledge is often completely insufficient to carry out this work. In addition, trust in all participants in the process is of great importance. You should be able to rely on them fully and completely, because we are talking about money, and sometimes very significant amounts, so we suggest involving only those employees who have worked in your organization for at least three years.

Also, one should not forget about the proper motivation of employees, since, we repeat, your profit can largely depend on the correctness of their actions. This work, in fact, is creative, it is not possible to establish strict rules for its implementation, so the personal initiative of each of the participants plays a huge role.

As a result, we can conclude that despite the seeming simplicity of the projects, within the framework of which it is planned to organize events, it is desirable to distribute the tasks among several specialists with the appropriate qualifications, i.e. give preference to teamwork.

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