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Organization of festive events requiring interpretation

Organization of festive events requiring interpretation

Organization of festive events requiring interpretation

It is not a secret that organization of festive events is, by definition, a quite difficult task - it implies a significantly high level of responsibility and the need to use certain technical means to meet the customer's requirements. However, this becomes even more difficult when such an event requires consecutive interpretation or work of a simultaneous interpreter.

As a rule, such a requirement arises from the customer when at a festive event - a corporate party, a wedding, etc. foreign guests are present, or one of the organizers is a foreigner (for example, the groom or the bride at a wedding). The main task in organizing an event of this kind is to ensure interpretation for guests with minimal effect for the main profile of the event, i.e. in fact, you need to make sure that no one notices that there is an interpretation going.

What are the options for organizing interpretation in such cases?

If interpretation is needed for a small number of guests, or even only for one or two participants of the event, then the best option would be simultaneous interpretation, which can be organized using equipment for simultaneous interpretation (which can be rented from, or by way of so-called "whispering". Of course, with the latter option, the simultaneous interpreter should stay in the foreground, among the guests, for example, and this may not always be appropriate. The problem is easily solved by using a special headset for simultaneous interpretation - a device that fits easily into the pocket of a jacket and headphones that are inserted into the ear and are invisible to others.

In cases where translation is required for a significant number of listeners, for example, for all guests of the event, we suggest organizing consecutive interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation involves the distribution of equipment, which can lead to unnecessary fuss at the site, in addition, devices for simultaneous interpretation are expensive and the loss of just  one of then will result in high costs for the participant, who has lost it, and his mood will be spoiled. Considering that at such events people relax, drink alcohol, etc. it would be inappropriate to assign such responsibility to the participants.

In the case of consecutive interpretation to the public, the interpreter must have an appropriate appearance, be able to work with the audience, and partly duplicate the functions of the entertainer. For such an additional burden, as a rule, an additional payment is taken.

In general, we can say that organization of interpretation at festive events does not have any fundamental differences from other types of events, but the higher responsibility of the performers, and therefore, when organizing such events, we always recommend that you contact only professional companies.

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