Conferencing in Belarus

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Answers to frequently asked questions on organizing events in Belarus

Do you provide services outside the city of Minsk?

Yes, we are ready to go anywhere in Belarus and beyond. We have extensive experience in organizing events for our clients in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic countries.

What are the payment options?

We prefer wire transfers, but a cash payment is also possible.

Do you offer airport pickup?

Yes, we offer a complete package including airport pickup, accommodation at partner hotels at a discount, catering and guided tours.

Can we book a hotel with a discount with your company?

Yes, we have arrangements with the best hotels in Minsk, and we can offer good rates when booking through us.

What is required for providing simultaneous interpretation during a conference?

Simultaneous interpretation requires special equipment, such as headsets for attendees; an interpreter’s console for switching between languages, so that attendees do not have to take off their headsets for every language change, which is especially convenient during Q&A sessions; and a soundproof booth that eliminates disturbances to attendees and interpreters.