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Remote simultaneous interpretation of online events

Remote simultaneous interpretation (also known as RSI ) is a new type of interpretation that is carried out by an interpreter remotely using special platforms, likes of Interprefy.

Online conferencing is done using integrated translation tools (such as in Zoom, for example) or without those (for example, in Webex). The latter can be used mainly for consecutive translation. Also this type of interpretation can be organized via IP telephony, and, if necessary, via ordinary instant messengers.

We can render a turnkey remote simultaneous interpretation service, or provide interpreters who will work using the technical means provided by the customer. In this case, all responsibility for the technical part (for example, sound quality and connection stability) lies with the customer.

All meeting participants must have a high-quality headset, a stable Internet connection, preferably connected via a cable (i.e. not Wi-Fi) and a computer with a processor with at least i3 and at least 8 GB of RAM.

To order the service, please fill out the contact form on our website or call us.

Remote simultanious interpretation of online events