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Organization of events for businesses

Organization of events for businesses. What to pay special attention to.

Organization of events for businesses

In this article, we would like to share our experience in organizing events for commercial companies, in which has already worked a lot. What is the difference between this and organization of conferences, for example, for international organizations such as UNDP, the World Bank, etc.

The first thing to remember is that the main goal of a business is to make money. Even if an event by itself does not bring money, however, the organization of the event should be as economical and efficient as possible and serve in the future the goal of creating or increasing the income of a commercial organization. Thus if government bodies or international organizations can have some planned budget, and in this case the main task is to place costs within its framework, then in the case of a private company, any ideas on how to reduce the cost of an event without losing the "payload", so to speak, will only be welcomed. Cost reduction options - for example, renting a cheaper venue located far from the city center and organizing a regular transfer there for participants, inviting cheaper offsite catering to hotels, renting cheaper, but still high-quality equipment, etc.

The next very important point, as we have already said, when organizing an event a commercial company always has making money as its main, and this, as a rule, is reflected in TOR as specific requirements for the event. It is necessary to carefully study the TOR, understand these requirements and implement them exactly as the customer intended. For example, if the event's aim is the company image improvement, you need to pay special attention to the decoration of the hall, handouts and even the catering for the participants.

Remember that a commercial company will always compare you with competitors, so knowing your strengths and weaknesses, try to profitably use the former and hide the latter. For example, if you do not have your own premium class cars for transfer, which the customer requires, it is better to order them from third parties, for example, from, but if you have your own simultaneous interpreters and equipment for simultaneous interpretation, then you can check with the customer whether there will be foreign guests at the event and invite him to include this service in the conference TOR.

In general, the organization of events for private companies is carried out according to the same principles as for other customers, however, following the above simple rules will help you fully satisfy the customer and get him as your regular.